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Cross-Cultural Collaboration 

Gain cultural competencies for improved communication, collaboration, and intercultural relationships. Avoid misunderstanding and conflict based on cultural differences.
Group 92

Conflict Management Workshop

Conflicts in teams can create a hostile environment if left unmanaged. Learn how to effectively engage in and solve conflicts while creating an environment with healthy communication and behavior.

Emotional Intelligence

Create awareness, strengthen relationships, manage behavioral traits and emotions when working with others, and improve trust, rapport, communication, and performance.
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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Getting feedback is a valuable experience, and knowing how to listen and respond can be difficult. Improve your feedback skills and strengthen relationships through effective communication.

Time Management 

This workshop will teach you how to prioritize, delegate, structure, organize and increase your productivity. Learn strategies to avoid burnout in order to make the most of your time.

Social Style – Behavior in the Workplace

Advance your conflict management skills, increase versatility, improve collaboration, and enhance communication skills through understanding behavioral traits in the team.


Group 93

Team Coaching

Uncover team dynamics, build cohesion and trust, and create a more inclusive and collaborative environment. Team Coaching has been shown to reduce conflicts and increase efficiency.

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching is an individualized, confidential process that supports leaders in creating awareness, enhancing their skills, and becoming the leader people want to follow.

Corporate Performance Coaching

Acquire the skills and characteristics required to succeed in a specific position. Increase productivity and overall performance. Improve problem-solving skills and leverage relationships.


Group 90

Profile XT(™) assessment online

Gain an understanding of a candidate’s fit for a specific position, create successions plans, or understand the dynamics in your teams and set up a team building or development plan.
Group 91

Tracom’s social style(TM) assessment

TRACOM’s Social Style(™) Model is based on four different behavioral styles that are observable in people at the workplace. The Driving Style, the Expressive Style, the Amiable Style, and the Analytical Style each have their own ways of interacting with people and making decisions.

Genos(R) Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a term used to describe the ability to understand and manage emotions effectively. EI includes skills and knowledge and can be developed through learning, training, and experience.

Profile XT – Development Planning

Gain an understanding of a candidate’s fit for a specific position, create successions plans, or understand the dynamics in your teams and set up a team building or development plan.
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