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Who we are

The Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group has been established by Bahman Zarghami and Dr. Mandy Zimmermann who created a concept of Corporate Consulting that helps to sustain implemented solutions in global and fast growing companies. We have backgrounds in the fields of psychology, counseling as well as management, engineering, and science, and work with a strong global network of subject matter experts to help our clients find and implement tailored solutions.

What we do

We at Zarghami & Zimmermann strive to provide sustainable solutions for our clients in long term partnerships, because we are convinced that successful change needs a lot more than a short-term one-size-fits-all approach. Having developed highly customized programs for our global partners, we help them to develop their leaders and teams, and prepare their organizations for growth in a fast paced environment. What sets us apart is that we help teams to own the process of change and measure the impact on their organization. We specialize in organizational and macro culture, leadership, and team development, and work with a team of established experts all over the globe.

Sustainable Solutions
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