As trusted partners, we help corporations establish human capital management programs that advance their competitiveness in the global market. We can successfully manage change by working together and implementing impactful cultural development solutions to achieve long-lasting success.

What we see

Companies must be agile and productive to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, innovative, and globalized world. Challenges in organizations are becoming increasingly complex, with quickly changing markets, multiple working locations and time zones, and a variety of talents. Teams have to not only launch products and processes successfully but also do so at a high pace and repeatedly. They need to possess a deep understanding and the flexibility to adapt to change while acquiring new competencies rapidly. Collaboration has reached new heights, and team diversity brings novel opportunities, solutions, and potential confrontation and misunderstanding. These new challenges demand a new level of leadership.


People are the most vital asset of any organization. Being the most responsive component, they can be a source of great opportunities if managed skillfully. Hiring the right talent is essential to build a solid organizational foundation, but retaining them is just as crucial to building on that foundation. When hiring, companies tend to focus on the most apparent attributes like skills, experience, and knowledge. Still, it is vital to nurture their aspirations and motivation to maximize their talents and potential. We understand that any trait, skill, and attitude is flexible and cultivatable to achieve meaningful change in your organization. Therefore, we offer programs on emotional intelligence, team and leadership skills, the ability to manage conflict constructively, and collaborative problem-solving. These are all critical factors that can impact the dynamics of a team and, ultimately, the entire organization’s performance. That is why we believe every solution starts with people and their development.

What we do

Developing tomorrow’s leaders and organizations.

Continuous change is the new normal for organizations, and success depends on individual resilience, performance, and effective team collaboration. At Zarghami and Zimmermann Corporate Consulting, we help businesses keep up with change by proactively identifying and addressing problems related to human capital. We partner with our clients to create solutions, not just for them. Our team specializes in leadership and team development, cross-cultural collaboration, change management, and related subject matter. With extensive experience in the field, we provide powerful tools and strategies such as coaching, mentoring, training, facilitation, human capital programs development, and consulting to create sustainable solutions. We take pride in measuring success through reports and follow-ups to ensure our programs and services are effective.


We are part of your team.

Our services are highly customized to meet your specific needs. While you may want to choose from our pre-made content, we suggest developing them tailored to your situation to maximize the impact on your team’s development. We guide you through assessing your organization’s current situation, identifying problems and potential limitations, defining goals and success, and creating and implementing long-term solutions related to human capital. Consequently, we make a unified workforce with the responsible engagement of all of your internal parties and become a part of your team; we feel responsible for the outcome of our collaboration while simultaneously granting you control and ownership. We view ourselves as your partner, reliable anchor under challenging times, and your voice of reason in thriving times.

Our expertise extends across a full range of capabilities that include:

Practice Labs.
Workgroup Facilitation.
Success Cases.

We are fully digitalized, allowing us to work remotely and remain flexible in today’s agile world. However, we understand that there may be times when our physical presence is required, and we will come to your site when necessary.

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About Us

Purpose with passion

Bahman Zarghami and Dr. Mandy Zimmermann have over twenty years of corporate experience. They founded the Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group to provide sustainable tailored solutions for the world’s fastest growing companies. They work with an extensive global network, specialized in diverse fields, including psychology, engineering and science. The mission (and passion) is to help organizations accelerate a culture shift that leads to distinctive, lasting and substantial change.




Dr. Mandy Zimmermann

Mandy Zimmermann has many years of experience in corporate management, working with cultures on four different continents. She has a background in engineering and science, and experience in global leadership, which means that she understands your challenges and needs as an organization as well as a team or individual. Mandy helps you build structure in a fast-growing environment and sustain a healthy work culture. This increases productivity and efficiency in your teams and vastly improves communication and collaboration throughout your organization. As an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach, she can help you reach your full personal and professional potential.





Bahman Zarghami

Bahman Zarghami is a mindset and performance coach since 2010, so he’s no stranger to managing teams and individuals who perform in high-stress environments. In fact, Bahman has been working with intellectually gifted clients and complex, highly sensitive personality types for over a decade. These professionals are becoming more common in a world where intellectual skills and complex problem solving are rewarded. Bahman will help you understand how to manage high potential team members and increase retention and productivity in your organization. He is highly specialized in leadership coaching, conflict management and talent management.