Giving and Receiving Feedback

Getting feedback is a valuable experience, and knowing how to listen and respond can be difficult. This workshop will help you improve your ability to give and receive feedback, strengthen relationships through effective communication, and regulate emotions so that you can focus on solving problems in the workplace.

On completion of this program, your teams will:

Program outline

Feedback and feedback skills are essential tools for success in the workplace today. With this course, you’ll learn how to share your thoughts on others’ actions confidently and tactfully, express your opinions without attacking or insulting others, and reinforce what you want from others with specific examples of their behavior. We will work together in small groups to strengthen your communication skills and learn how to make feedback positive.

The agenda of this workshop includes:

Who should attend?

This program is for managers who struggle with giving harsh feedback or feel misunderstood in their communication. The recommended group size is 4-20 participants.

Program facilitator


Dr. Mandy Zimmermann

Dr. Mandy Zimmermann has long years of experience in corporate management in the area of quality assurance and has been developing interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teams on 4 different continents. Being an ICF-certified coach and facilitator with a background in engineering and science, she understands the challenges and needs of our clients as an organization, team, or individual.

As the Chief Operations Officer of the Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group, Dr. Mandy Zimmermann helps our clients develop human capital programs that are tailored to their unique situations. In our training programs, she helps our clients to build and keep a structure in a fast-growing environment, focus on objectives while considering the big picture, increase productivity and efficiency in teams, and master communication and collaboration throughout the organization.
Bahman Zarghami
Bahman Zarghami


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All our programs are highly customizable. We offer tailored workshops and facilitated work groups, specifically customized to your team’s needs as a follow up to each of our programs. Individual coaching sessions can help participants intensify their learnings and understand how to implement them beyond the main program, and team coaching sessions are available for teams who want to continue their learning journey together and keep improving their collaboration skills.
Follow up coaching is also recommended for managers of participating teams in order to deepen their understanding on managing diverse teams and supporting them in their collaboration efforts. For more information on our services, please use the following form or schedule a strategy call with us, we look forward to talking to you.

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