Conflict Management Workshop

Managing conflict in the workspace is a complicated and sensitive topic that requires an intuitive and strategic approach. This workshop will teach you how to productively engage in conflict instead of avoiding it, solve it effectively, and improve team communication and behavior.

On completion of this program, your teams will:

Program outline

Complex problem-solving in high-stress environments can often lead to intense discussions. Left unmanaged, these discussions can, over time, develop into a hostile work environment. As teams become more diverse and collaboration becomes even more critical to success, the opportunity for conflict increases. This workshop will teach you how to understand and manage conflict sustainably, not only for today but for the future success of your organization.

The agenda of this workshop includes the following:

Who should attend?

This program is for managers who need help managing conflict and creating a sustainable environment where conflict is not an obstacle but the way forward. The recommended group size is 4-20 participants.

Program facilitator

Bahman Zarghami has a strong background in psychology and counseling and has been working in government-sponsored programs to foster potential in underserved communities. He has a deep passion for talent development, rooted in his work with intellectually gifted and highly sensitive personality clients for over a decade. His initiatives made national headlines and are now considered a blueprint for talent development in the Netherlands. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group, Bahman Zarghami is committed to helping our clients develop their most important assets and strive for excellence. In our programs, he supports our clients in developing their conflict management, communication, and relationship-building skills, bringing out their peak performance even in high-stress environments.
Bahman Zarghami
Bahman Zarghami


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Short information about our programs

All our programs are highly customizable. We offer tailored workshops and facilitated work groups, specifically customized to your team’s needs as a follow up to each of our programs. Individual coaching sessions can help participants intensify their learnings and understand how to implement them beyond the main program, and team coaching sessions are available for teams who want to continue their learning journey together and keep improving their collaboration skills.
Follow up coaching is also recommended for managers of participating teams in order to deepen their understanding on managing diverse teams and supporting them in their collaboration efforts. For more information on our services, please use the following form or schedule a strategy call with us, we look forward to talking to you.

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