About us.


Who we are.

ZARGHAMI & ZIMMERMANN was founded by Bahman Zarghami and Dr. Mandy Zimmermann, two experienced corporate professionals with over two decades of combined experience. Our mission is to provide tailored, sustainable solutions for the world’s fastest-growing companies in human capital development. We draw on an extensive worldwide network of experts in leadership, culture and diversity, human resources, psychology, engineering, and science to help organizations foster a culture of sustainable, lasting, and impactful change. With our help, companies can accelerate the transformation process to ensure that their growth is always accompanied by meaningful progress.

Our corporate foundation

The value of values.

Our values lay the foundation of what we believe in and care about. They provide a common purpose, reflecting our brand and culture.


To ensure a successful partnership, we strive to establish a comfortable level of collaboration between all parties involved, laying the foundation for a successful partnership.


We are actively engaging with our customers, partners, colleagues, and employees and encouraging everyone to take ownership of the collaboration equally, just as we do.

Genuine diversity.

We actively promote new thinking and encourage contrasting ideas while striving for a collaboration of shared values, resulting in a vibrant and culture-rich workplace.


Operating digitally and responding quickly to dynamic demands enables us to work effectively and comfortably adapt to our collaboration's ever-changing dynamics.


Our strategic purpose.

Our ambition is CREATE SOLUTIONS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND HAVE A LASTING, POSITIVE IMPACT. We provide development programs and solutions that enable behavioral change to support sustainable growth and transformation while simultaneously developing extraordinary and authentic leaders through informal learning, sharing, coaching, and mentoring from the best leadership experts. Through this, we strive to inspire, mobilize people, and deliver exceptional results.


Purpose with passion.

Bahman Zarghami and Dr. Mandy Zimmermann have over twenty years of corporate experience. They founded the Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group to provide sustainable tailored solutions for the world’s fastest growing companies. They work with an extensive global network, specialized in diverse fields, including psychology, engineering and science.

The mission (and passion) is to help organizations accelerate a culture shift that leads to distinctive, lasting and substantial change.


Dr. Mandy Zimmermann

Bahman Zarghami has a deep passion for talent development, rooted in his work with gifted adolescents and in government-sponsored programs to foster potential in underserved communities. His initiatives made national headlines and are now considered a blueprint for talent development. Believing that personal growth is not only an individual effort but also depends on the community in which a person is immersed, he has extended his concepts to professional athletes and CEOs of top 10 Fortune 500 companies. As the Chief Executive Officer of ZARGHAMI & ZIMMERMANN, he is committed to helping organizations develop their most important assets and strive for excellence.
Mandy Zimmermann joined Bahman Zarghami to bring her unique experience as a professional in science, engineering, and corporate management. She has worked with experts from multiple countries and continents, giving her a deep understanding of the complexities of global collaboration in rapidly changing organizations. Driven by a passion for helping teams and leaders create a positive and productive culture, Mandy made it her mission to guide organizations toward their goals and beyond. As the Chief Operations Officer at ZARGHAMI & ZIMMERMANN, she is dedicated to providing clients with impactful solutions that make a difference.

What Sets us Apart.

At ZARGHAMI & ZIMMERMANN, we are committed to helping you achieve success and strive to provide tailored solutions that can positively impact your business.

Creating solutions
that make a difference

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